Prayer that changes you.

There are no “right” ways to pray but, there are principles that can be helpful in connecting you in a living, breathing relationship with God and your experience of transformative truth. Reflective Prayer presents several elements and four steps that, when used with a humble, alert mind, will do just this.

While this site does work on phones and tablet we recommend using a computer for the best experience. We also recommend using headphones to block out distractions.


The Four Steps of Reflective Prayer

Each recorded prayer experience is 8 minutes in length. We recommend using headphones for the best experience. A narrator will guide you through each of the following steps, steps that are designed to connect you with God and bring greater emotional, physical and brain health to your life.


Slow down, calm your breathing, relax your body, and gather the thoughts cluttering your mind. Bring your whole self and attention, into the presence of God. This step is extremely beneficial for brain health and connecting with God.


Present yourself to God. Tell God about the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing at this moment. This is not a time to pray for a list of items, rather, this is simply coming to God with who you are at this moment.


Focus your attention on who God is and the truth presented in the prayer focus for the day. Agree with God about the truth from Scripture. An example is, “God, I agree with you that you are good. I praise you for your goodness.”


Ask God to help you believe this truth and visualize what your day would be like if incorporated this truth into your life. An example is, “God, help me believe that you are good and that I can trust you so I will have less anxiety about work today. ”

The Elements of Reflective Prayer

Each recorded prayer experience is 8 minutes in length and has four elements designed to create a rich experience that is both relaxing and spiritually beneficial.


The sensory experience of listening to nature sounds can help bring calm and focus to a prayer experience, particularly as we live in a noisy and chaotic world. Putting on some headphones will enhance the sense of calm.


Relaxing music quietly playing in the background gives a subtle soundtrack to your prayer. Over the past decade study after study has shown the positive affects of music on the brain and our mood.


You can choose from a wide variety of Biblical truths—Scripture passages, names of God, qualities of God, and other Scriptural truths—for the focus of your prayer and meditation.


In addition to the sounds and music a narrator guides you through the four steps of reflective prayer, leaving you with a great deal of space for your own prayer and meditation

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